Microscale Life Sciences Center - An NIH Center of Excellence in Genomic Science (CEGS)
  • Cellular respiration is highly heterogeneous among isogenic esophageal epithelial cells with as much as six-fold variability in oxygen consumption rates [Kelbauskas, 2012; Torres-Garcia, 2012; Ashili, 2011].
  • Intercellular interactions cause synergistic increase in respiration rates [Kelbauskas, 2012].
  • The hypoxia resistance of dysplastic esophageal epithelial cells a) is most likely mediated by molecular alterations in mitochondria, b) appears correlated to changes in mitochondrial genomic DNA sequences and c) is associated with the nitric oxide signaling pathway.
  • Pyroptosis (inflammatory cell death) represents a conserved molecular mechanism that can be activated by diverse upstream signaling pathways. Cell death can be redirected in vivo from apoptosis to pyroptosis.